Bitae team

Bitae team (co-founders Shanna Crumley and Gemma Torras Vives) won the first prize of the SIPA Dean's Public Policy Challenge Grant. The prize was announced at the Columbia Venture Competition 2018.

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Bitae wins first prize

Bitae wins first prize of Global Public Policy Network Annual Conference competition (2018). SIPA hosted the Global Public Policy Network Annual Conference, bringing together students and faculty from top international public policy schools.

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Bitae Co-Founder

Bitae Co-Founder Gemma Torras Vives presenting at Columbia University's Faculty House reception where President Bollinger toasted Innovators and Entrepreneurs.


Bitae Technologies

Bitae Technologies receives Rising Star Award on Impact.Engineered
The Rising Star Award recognizes the achievements and potential of emerging leaders leveraging technology to achieve social impact. Nominated by the Engeneering for Change community of technology incubators and accelerators, Bitae was recognized for their potential future impact in this sector